Makin's Professional Clay Tool Kit 35060

by Makin's


Makin's Professional Clay Tool Kit 2.

This complete set of professional clay tools can be used for all types of clay to add a special touch to the clay item created.

  • Two Double - Ended Assembly Handles
  • Two Assembly Heads
  • Three Rotary Cutting Wheels - plain, wave, scalloped
  • One Flat cutting Tip
  • Three Texture Points - plain, wave, scalloped
  • Three Sphere Points
  • Eight Detailing Points - Fine Flow, Rounded Flow, Medium Flow, Dot, Script, Line, Shading, Stencil
  • Three Texture Stamps - Moon, Star, Dartboard
  • One Feather Point
  • One Plastic Container to hold small pieces

These multi function tools are great for stamping, marking, texturing, cutting and branding.

27 pieces.