Collall Glue Tack 160g White

by Collall

Collall Glue Tack is a white pressure-sensitive adhesive that is an ideal alternative for thumbtacks and sellotape.


Hanging: Memos, cards, photos, posters, drawings. Securing in place: Telephone, calculator, photos, paint cans, any conceivable object.

Use instructions:

Tear a piece of Glue Tack from the bar. Roll it into a ball between your fingers and press it to the foundation. You then take the desired object and press it hard against ball. Glue Tack adheres best to smooth surfaces (paper, glass, metal, plastic).


It is easy to remove by 'rolling it up' carefully. If necessary, paste a larger piece of Glue Tack over it and 'roll' the entire thing. Watch out for possible traces left behind on absorbent or porous materials. First test the material!


Glue Tack complies with EN 71. It is not suitable for children under 3 years of age because of small parts. Read the instructions on the packaging and save the packaging.