Grafix 8.5"x11" Shrink Film 6pcs - Gold & Silver 3 of Each

$6.76 $6.42

Metallic Shrink Film in gold and silver! You now have the option of creating metal-like embellishments, jewellery, mixed media, tags, decorations and more.

Easy and simple to use: just create, cut and bake to add customised embellishments.

Grafix Shrink Film is also great with die cut machines, decorative scissors and rubber stamps.

Bake using a conventional oven, toaster oven or heat gun. Designs shrink to 20% of their original size and become strong plastic pieces for decorating. You can trace, colour, stamp, paint, die-cut, punch and emboss on it. Includes instructions.

This package contains six 8.5x11 inch film sheets in two colours (three of each colour).

Made in USA.