Knorr Prandell Candle Decorating Wax Sheet 175mm x 80mm 2pcs - Black #061

by Knorr Prandell

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Knorr Prandell wax sheets are thin sheets of wax which are used to decorate candles. These flat sheets of candle decoration wax are of a high quality, very flexible and easily workable.

Two coloured sheets of flat wax for candle decoration.

Each sheet measures 175mm x 80mm and 0.5mm thick.

To Use: Cut the wax with a pair of thin scissors or a small hobby knife. Then remove the protective paper carefully.

The wax warms by the warmth of your hands and the adhesive strength of this special wax is activated during working with it. The decoration wax sticks to almost every desired background. Gently rub the wax onto the candle with your fingers.

Several (colour) layers can be used on top of each other as the layers of wax stick together during working.

Tip when tracing patterns: copy patterns onto vellum (ordinary paper tends to stick on the decoration wax foil), put the vellum on the decoration wax foil and trace the lines with a fine burnishing or embossing tool.

Made in Germany.