DecoArt Water Marbling Magic Medium 175g

by DecoArt

By putting DecoArt’s Water Marbling Magic Medium powder in a tray of water you can then use the Water Marbling Acrylics to create delicate and unique designs directly on the water’s surface. When water marbling, no two designs will be alike, the surprise and unique quality of each design is part of the magic and mystique of this ancient art form. Simply add to water and let it work it’s magic! One jar can make hundreds of pours!

DIRECTIONS: Gradually sprinkle Magic Medium into hot water. Ratio: 1 tsp. medium to 2 cups water. For flat objects, make enough to fill your marbling tray to a 1” depth. For larger items, make enough to submerge the object. Stir thoroughly. Some particles will be visible. Allow mixture to rest and become completely clear (approx. 30 mins). Stir again to evenly incorporate any Magic Medium that has not dissolved.

To begin marbling, check that the mixture is cooled to room temperature, then skim surface with a sheet of the Water Marbling Cleaning Paper to be sure surface is free of lint or any unwanted residue. Pop any bubbles that may have appeared. Mixture can be stored for up to 5 days at room temperature and safely poured down the drain when finished.

175g jar. Filled by weight, settling will occur.