Collall Eco Nature Glue - 1000ml

by Collall

Natural, fluid, yellow-brown glue based on corn and potato starch dissolved in water. Gluten free and low odour.

For glueing paper and carton, as a crackle medium in waterbased paint and varnishes.


  • Brown transparent liquid
  • Sweet smell
  • Reversible
  • Washes out easily

Chemical characterization: potato extracts cooked in a water solution.

Solvent: water

Main ingredient: dextrin

PH: +/- 6

Density: 1.16 kg/dm³

CE: yes

Allergens: contains CMIT/MIT. May produce an allergic reaction

Suitable for: children aged 3 and upwards. Contains bitter protection. Warning! Contains a preservative that is not suitable for children under three years old.

Stains: easily washable with cold water or in washing machine.

A 100ml (127g) plastic squeezable bottle with easy closure spreadable lid.