Bucilla 18" Gem Dots Stocking Kit - Jeweled Ornaments

by Bucilla

The Bucilla Gem Dots Jeweled Ornaments Stocking is a twist on the classic Bucilla stocking you know and love. This beautiful and shimmering design features three festive holiday ornaments and holly that are made out of tiny gems. Simply lay out the printed canvas and pick a single gem colour to start. Apply a tiny bit of wax to the tip of the pen tool and then press the pen tool on the rounded size of the dot. Attach the dot by pressing firmly onto the adhesive fabric covering the symbol.

This kit comes with 4 color printed fabric with adhesive, gem dots, gem pen, tray, wax, felt, floss, needle and instructions. Additionally, this kit includes enough felt to create the backing, hangtag and name tag to finish your sparkling stocking.

Size: 18" diagonal.