Pebeo Drawing Gum Masking Fluid 45ml


Pebeo Drawing Gum is a peelable solution used to keep areas of artwork free, for use with ink, watercolour, gouache, as well as varnishes and fixatives. It is applied using a brush or pen on the parts of the work to be masked.

Colour is applied when the drawing gum is dry.

Once the colours are completely dry just rub the gum with your finger or with an eraser to reveal the masked areas.

  • Holds the tiniest detail even minute dots.
  • Dries within about 15 minutes depending on the quantity used and surface.
  • Can be applied on paper, bristol board and cardboard.
  • Clean brushes with soapy water before drying.
  • Grey colour, makes it easy to see for later removal.
  • For thin lines: Once dry the film should be removed no later than a week after application