'Zest It' Pencil Blend Sponge


'Zest-it' Blending Sponge is a fine sponge, impregnated with Pencil Blend, in a pot with a screw top lid. It is used as a controlled way of using Zest-it Pencil Blend to blend Coloured Pencils and Oil Pastels, it is easy to use, economical with fluid and saves knocking the bottle over!

The sponge holds 15ml of Zest-it Pencil Blend. When you press your brush, paper stump or tortillion onto the surface it soaks up Zest-it liquid.

The amount of pressure and the length of time on the sponge gives you more control over the amount you use. This is important for those people working on small projects like greeting cards where too much liquid could spoil the design.

Zest-it leaves no residue of itself on the work and has proven pigment stability.