Viva Decor Metal Effect Film Adhesive Transparent 90ml

by Viva Decor

Glue for use with Viva Decor Metal Effect Films.

This adhesive is suitable for decorating objects made of wood, polystyrene, cardboard, plastic, etc., with Metal Effect Foils. So even a simple block of wood can become a gold bar!

  • Water-based
  • Suitable for plastic, stone, cardboard, wood, styrofoam, metal, glass and ceramics
  • Apply direct from the bottle or with a brush or palette knife
  • Can be used with stencils (wash up immediately after use)
  • Dries transparent and sticky

The adhesive is applied either directly from the bottle, or with a brush or palette knife to the item to be decorated and then left to dry. After drying, the thin film is placed with the shiny side up onto the dry (but tacky) adhesive. Lightly press the foil to ensure a good contact with the dried adhesive and then sharply pull the foil away to reveal the finished effect.

90ml writer tip bottle.