Prym Transparent Acrylic Knitting Dolly & Pin - 4 Pins 225109

by Prym

Who isn't reminded of the classic knitting dolly and reminisces about his or her first attempts at knitting when looking at Prym's knitting dolls and MAXI knitting doll? Both knitting dolls are made of transparent acrylic and have four or eight pins made of stainless steel wire, on which the stitches are created. The included, dull plastic pin is used for lifting the stitch. Depending on the diameter of the knitting doll, knitted cords of varying thicknesses with an even stitch pattern are created, and they can be further worked into many creative ideas.

  • Knitting dolly for creating knitted laces and knitted tubes
  • Made of robust acrylic
  • Easy to use
  • Includes blunt, plastic knitting pin