Jacquard Basic Dye 14.17g (½ oz) - Pink

by Jacquard

The perfect solution for hard-to-dye materials. Developed for acrylic fibres (e.g. faux fur, wigs and inexpensive yarn), these basic dyes are also the go-to for wood, reeds, straw, paper, leather and hemp. Use them for potpourri, dolls, buttons and furniture.

An essential tool for cosplay artists!

Basic Dyes are exceptionally easy to use. The process is so simple that commercial dyers often use them to colour fibers such as silk and wool; however, they tend to have poor light and washfastness on fabric, so Basic Dyes are generally only used by home fabric dyers when other dyes are not an option. As a class, Basic Dyes offer some of the most vibrant and intense colours available for any fibre, and are frequently used when maximum color intensity is desired.

Dip-dye or brush on.

One ½ oz / 14.17g pot.

Instructions - Dyeing Wood and Reeds

  • Weigh your materials. Use 1-3% dye based on the total weight of material. For Black and Brown, use up to 5%.
  • Fill a pot with just enough hot water to cover the material. Add ½ cup/118 ml vinegar (1 tsp./5 ml citric acid) per 1 gal/3.79l of liquid. Add the dye and stir until completely dissolved.
  • Add your wood/reed materials. Let sit for 10-20 minutes, stirring often.
  • Remove material and rinse in cold water.

Instructions to dye acrylic, fabric, plastic or other hard-to-dye materials, dye on the stove top at 185ºF/85ºC. The hotter the temp of the dye bath, the more intense the colour will become. Extending the dyeing time will also produce deeper shades.

To create a paintable mixture that will not damage wood or leather, add approx. ½ TBS./ 7.5 ml dye to 1 cup/0.24l denatured alcohol or solvent. Apply multiple coats until desired shade is reached. Rinse with water or alcohol.