Sculpey Liquid Bakeable Clay 2oz (59ml) - Gold

by Sculpey


Just like regular polymer clay, Sculpey liquid clay is bakeable and long-lasting, but instead of shaping with your hands, you can squeeze it right out of the bottle. Use it for scripting, doodling and designing on clay surfaces, baking shapes in oven-safe silicone molds, creating window clings and any other project you desire.

Sculpey Liquid Clay is a liquid polymer clay in a plastic squeeze bottle. After baking, it is semi-translucent (or transparent if using the Clear colour clay). Pour into molds, paint, or dribble onto raw or baked Sculpey.

Mix with powdered pigments or oil-based paints to create your own colours, washes and swirls.

Great for creating image transfers from magazines, photocopies, coloured pencil drawings, and stained glass effects.

Can be used as a glue to bond one piece to another, cured or uncured. Baking then forms a strong bond.

This package contains 2oz (59ml) of liquid Sculpey.

Conforms to ASTM D 4236.

Made in USA.