Worbla Pearly Art (WPA) White Thermoplastic Modelling & Moulding Sheet - 180mm x 250mm x 1mm

by Cast4Art

Worbla ® Pearly Art thermoplastic modelling and moulding sheet can be heated and used in sheet form or kneaded into a putty form for free-form modelling and casting with moulds. WPA is activated by heat (best approx. 80-90°C / 175-195°F) and can be re-activated as often as required. All leftover pieces can be re-used so any waste can almost be totally avoided.

WPA contains a strong heat activated glue which means it sticks very well to itself and to other materials if treated properly. By way of example WPA can be combined with high density foam fto create ornate, plain and smooth surfaces. WPA is extremely fine and provides excellent modelling features, generating very smooth and highly detailed work pieces. In addition even after hardening it stays surprisingly flexible.

  • Can be re-activated with heat as often as required (best approx. 80-90°C / 175-195°F).
  • Contains extra heat-activated glue so several pieces will stick together easily.
  • Extremely fine structure & surface and pigmented white.
  • Processing time up to several minutes, depending on the time of exposure of the heat.
  • Simple, safe and clean handling, also suitable for beginners.
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free and contains no hazardous substances.
  • Outstanding modelling features.
  • Good surface adherence for all colours, varnish, glue and more. All kind of colours such as acrylics or spray paints can be used for painting the WPA. Because of the smooth surface sometimes it might be a good idea to apply a plastic primer before painting.
  • All leftover pieces can be re-used and the product can be stored under normal conditions (dry; room temperature) for months.