Worbla Black Art (WBA) Thermoplastic Modelling & Moulding Sheet - 370mm x 500mm x 1mm

by Cast4Art

Please note we have been informed that the newest manufactured batch of WBA has matt spots on the shiny side. The spotting can be seen but not felt - it is actually like the non-shiny side in these areas). This visual spotting will disappear when the WBA is heated. August 2022.

Worbla ® Black Art thermoplastic modelling and moulding material is smooth, fine textured and black. This amazing product comes as a sheet and can also be used as modelling putty making it a highly popular modelling material with crafters, costume and props makers throughout the world.

  • WBA can be re-activated with heat as often as required to approximately 80-90°C / 175-195°F
  • Processing time up to several minutes, depending on the time of exposure to the heat
  • Contains extra glue so several pieces will stick together easily
  • Extremely fine structure and surface and pigmented black
  • Outstanding modelling features
  • Surface provides a good adherence for all colours, varnish, glue and more
  • All leftovers can be re-used
  • Simple, safe and clean handling, also for beginners
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free and contains no hazardous substances

To use;

Use a heat source like a heat gun approximately 80-90°C / 175-195°F to soften this all-round material and manipulate to the shape you require. WBA is alterable by re-heating at any time. It hardens quickly and because of its fine structure WBA stretches very evenly which is ideal for moulding and sculpting intricate three dimensional shapes with a smooth finish. It is very easy to heat and attach several layers and parts together.

Don't throw offcuts away because scraps of WBA can be heated and blended together so there's no waste at all. These leftovers can be moulded just like putty and almond paste or rolled out with a rolling pin or pasta maker into sheet form.

Painting models;

Acrylic paint, spray-paint and permanent markers can be used for painting and colouring WBA’s surface.