Viva Decor Crackle Paint (Facetten-Lack) 250ml - 000 Transparent

by Viva Decor

Viva Decor Facetten-Lack Crackle paint produces transparent and elegant crackle effects. Apply with a palette knife and let dry. You can create small to large cracks, just by varying the thickness of the application.

Crackle adheres to most surfaces including glass, canvas, ceramics, plastic, cardboard and clay.

Crackle-Lacquer preparation: Depending on the surface, prime with either Contact-Lacquer (for non-absorbent surfaces) or Contact-Primer (for absorbent surfaces). When the primer has dried apply the Crackle-Lacquer onto the surface with a palette knife no thicker than 2 mm.

After the Crackle-Lacquer has dried (24 – 48 hours) the distinctive facets will form.

Finished items will be waterproof against rain and washing however it is not recommended that they are cleaned in dishwashers.

250ml jar.