Babyville PUL Waterproof Diaper & Lining Fabric 162cm (64") Wide - 0.45m White

Babyville PUL (polyurethane laminate) waterproof diaper and lining fabric is a soft, breathable, flexible, durable fabric for making homemade diapers and lining baby bibs, baby changing mats, nursing aprons, waterproof draw sheets, washbags, makeup bags, beach bags, pet blankets and lots more.

  • 162cm (64") wide waterproof fabric
  • Plush face, laminated waterproof backing
  • 83% Polyester, 15% Polyurethane, 2% Agglutinant
  • Machine wash warm
  • Tumble dry medium
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron

Price per 0.45 metre (18") of 162cm (64") wide waterproof fabric. A continuous length is cut on multiples above 0.45 metres (1/2 yard).

Made in China.

  • Food Safe Advice from Babyville.

"PUL has passed all the necessary tests for use in children's products; however, there is no certification from the FDA deeming any fabric to be "food safe." It is controversial since many people ask for this certification, but unfortunately, it does not exist therefore we are unable to provide this documentation. We can, however, tell you that our PUL passes all the required testing that is necessary for anything to be food safe. Some of our consumers use Babyville PUL for use with food without any worries and many of the designers on our team make and sell these items. It is really a personal decision and you can find many comments on the Internet where the pros and cons are discussed.

We do caution that PUL has a laminate side, which is heat sensitive. Any direct heat may cause damage to the fabric so we do not recommend using it in the microwave or any other heating vessels."