Viva Decor ABS Paint for Socks & More 82ml - 800 Pearl Grey

by Viva Decor

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Make your items non-slip, using ABS decorative paint. Easily create soft and dimensionally stable half-pearls for a firm grip to many things - including socks!

  • odourless
  • water based
  • all colours mixable
  • washable up to 30°C - dry flat
  • drying time approx 24 hours

ABS preparation: Shake well before use!

ABS processing: For use on socks, cut a cardboard liner in the appropriate size and put it in the socks. Apply ABS from the outside and let it dry. With flat stable surfaces simply dab only at some points. Drying time is about 24 hours.

82ml soft squeezable bottle with a writer tip nozzle.