Viva Decor Transparent Pardo Clay 56g Block - Aqua #710

by Viva Decor

The gorgeous pastel coloured and translucent Pardo Clay is simply lovely with it's light, translucent appearance.

  • highly translucent
  • with natural bees wax
  • sweat and saliva proof
  • odorless in the oven

Pardo Transparent Clay preparation: Harden Pardo in a pre-heated oven at 120° C (248 °F) for 30 minutes. Do not store at temperatures above 30° C (86 °F).

Pardo Transparent processing: First roughly knead Pardo into shape. By mixing together two or more colours, interesting marbling effects can be achieved. Then freely prepare the jewellery clay, using one of the patchy-moulds or modeling tools, into the desired shape.

56g - 2oz block of clay.