WACO Pop-Up Colors Fabric Paint 29ml - Black 061

by Waco


Pop-Up Colors Fabric Paint by WACO are waterbased colours for paper, wood, ceramics and untreated and softener free textiles (cotton and blended fabrics with up to 20% synthetic fibres).

Apply directly from the tube. Press the nozzle of the pen gently into fabric.

Fluffs up in 10-60 seconds after applying heat with a heat gun. Apply heat for longer to fully dry the interior of the pop-up paint. Check heat resistivity of the item before applying heat!

The Pop-Up Color can be used for applying colourful grips to socks.

Fix by ironing the reverse at cotton temperature on a soft surface, or in an oven.

Washable at 40° C.

29ml soft squeezable tube with fine nozzle tip applicator.