Flexible 2mm Craft Foam 20cm x 30cm - Brown Skin #4821


Sold in single sheets 20cm x 30cm x 2mm thick.

Craft Foam is a flexible spongey foam which can be cut with decorative edge scissors, craft knives and cutting dies and is ideal for many craft projects including, toy making, card making, 3D models, school projects and more.

3D foam dolls are fun to create and make fabulous gifts for all ages. Learn the basic technique then let your imagination run wild as you dream up new characters to create for your friends and family. Use a styrofoam ball as the head structure upon which to stretch and mould the foam. Heat the foam gently with an iron to soften it slightly to stretch around the ball - protecting the foam with a sheet of kitchen paper. Use sticks and other styrofoam shapes as forms to finish the doll structure.