cArt-Us Lacé Die & Emboss - Circle 5506

  1. cArt-Us Lacé Die & Emboss - Circle 5506
  2. cArt-Us Lacé Die & Emboss - Circle 5506
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cArt-Us Lacé Die & Emboss are stencils for die cutting and embossing paper for your cards and craft projects.

A new look for an old paper technique. When using these templates you do not have to fit and cut plus you can make perfect designs in no time.

For best results use double sided papers or digi papers printed on both sides with contrasting designs, then run through your die cutting machine and fold and tuck the cuts for a beautiful lacé frame.

There are instructions for using the dies with the Cuttlebug on the packaging but they can be used in the Wizard and other die cutting systems.

The outer diameter of the die is 10cm, and the centre aperture is 4cm.

cArt-Us Lacé Dies are designed in association with Marianne Design.

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