Attic Originals Printables - Football Crazy Card & Bag

by Attic Originals

Football Crazy Printables - a shaped card with its own stand and matching square cardbox, gift bag with pocket to hold super sized gift tag, 2 gift tags and matching mini envies - the perfect gift set for those budding footballers!

1 football card

1 card stand

1 gift bag :approx 19 x 12 x 5cm

1 card box top

1 card box bottom approx 13.5 x 13.5cm

1 tag pocket approx 9 x 9cm

1 big gift tag approx 10 x 6cm

2 decorative cut outs the plaques read: "Hey Champion birthday wishes heading your way "( red) " Birthday wishes - The Best!" (blue)

2 gift tags

2 matching envies

Needed for card, stand, bag, card box, 2 gift tags, 2 envies and cut outs:

2 sheets heavy paper for bag, 1 sheet normal paper for envies, 4 sheets cardstock, cord for handles, ribbon or thread for large tag.