Knorr Prandell Easy Crystal Applicator Tool & Ø 2.8mm Swarovski Textiles #3000

by Knorr Prandell


Add tiny 2.8mm SS10 Swarovski Type 2038 crystals quickly and precisely to textiles with the Easy Crystal Applicator from Knorr Prandell.

Load the strips of adhesive Swarovski crystals into the easy to handle ergonomic tool. Position the 'bullseye' where you want to place your crystal and press the Easy Crystal down towards the surface - a simple 'click' to add a touch of luxury to wedding dresses and textiles. For a secure and lasting bond heat set the crystals with an iron for 30-40 seconds from the front and a further 20-30 seconds from the back. Washable after fixing to 90 degrees celsius.

FABRIC CHECK! Suitable fabrics include, linen, cotton, viscose, wool, polyester, silk, acetate, acrylic, lycra/spandex and nylon.

Very thin fabrics such as organza and smooth fabrics such as imitation leather and fabrics with a wax or silicone coating may be unsuitable!

The crystals can be applied to uncoated wood.

This pack contains one Easy Crystal applicator and one refill strip with 21 x 2.8mm Swarovski flat back crystals.

Instructions with ironing times included.

42 crystals refill packs for use on papers and another for use on textiles are available separately.