Collall Varnish Glue - 250ml

by Collall


Thin, white, transparent-drying, water-based varnish glue.

Characteristics - Glue and varnish in one, which is completely transparent when dry.

Appearance - Thin, white, fluid varnish glue, scant and pleasant smell.

Application: 1 - For protecting and lacquering drawings and paintings that are made with poster paint, lithographic pencil, charcoal, etc. It creates a transparent, glossy and protective layer on the artwork.

2 - Decoupage methods - Applying images and decorations (paper napkins, silk paper, printed images) on various backgrounds (paper, carton, wood, textile, stone).

3 - Puzzle glue - Use as a fixer on a finished jigsaw puzzle so that it can hang as a picture.

Stains - Easily washable with cold water or in the washing machine

Suitable for children above the age of 3 years.