Colorall Magnetic Paint 250ml

by Collall


Colorall Magnetic Paint is a waterbased, highly filled, ferrous, lead free acrylic latex paint. Perfect for use inside as a wall paint, so you stick magnets to the wall.

Apply with a brush or roller. Re-coatable after 4 hours. Multiple layers of paint will ensure a stronger magnetic effect.

After 24 hours the paint will have cured and a decorative top coat of emulsion or other paint can be applied. Your magnetic surface area is now ready for you to hang posters, drawings and presentaions without damaging the wall with pins, nails or tape!

Can be thinned with 5% water if required.

Clean up with soap and water.

250ml plastic bottle. The 250ml bottle will cover 1.5 m2.

Keep paint out of the reach of children. Harmful if swallowed.