Clock Parts - Clock Movement Mechanism #7400

Multibuy discounts
1+ = $3.18 each
10+ = $3.12 each
25+ = $3.02 each
50+ = $2.86 each

Quartz clock movement mechanism.

Nut and washer.

Battery operated - requires one AA battery.

Comes with the rubber backing and brass coloured washer and nut to mount the clock mechanism on a face.

A choice of hands are sold separately on this site.

The second hand will move in 1 second steps on the ticking movements with an audible tick.

The mechanism has a spindle which will fit a face up to 7mm thick. The quartz clock movement case is 55mm x 55mm x 15m thick with a moulded plastic hanger. The brass shaft is 8mm dia, 10mm long. The inner nylon shafts are 5.53mm dia and 3.5mm long and 3.62mm dia, 2.5mm long with the with metal inner second hand shaft.