Tim Holtz Distress Colours Blank Template

by Kim MacFarlane

UPDATE - Check out all of the free printables at Ranger to help you organise your Ranger products.

I created this blank template for use with my Tim Holtz Distress Ink Palette, which I load up with small drops of ink from my reinkers so I have a loaded ink palette to use from one painting session to another. Over time the inks will dry up in the palette but this is fine and even desirable when you're using them like a paint palette with a wet brush.

1 - Print out the A4 sheet, check it for sizing on your palette (printer margins vary slightly from one model to another). Place your palette on top of the sheet and draw around it with a pencil.

2 - Colour up inside the sample circles.

3 - When you've finished, cut it out and stick it to the top of your palette.

This blank template is also handy for creating colour reference sheets for other products in the Distress Range, e.g. Distress Markers, Paints and Stains.

Hope you find it handy too! ♥ Kim ♥