Christmas Tree Bell Bauble Tutorial

by Carol Findon

Christmas Tree Bell Bauble Tutorial

Texture Base

Mix 1 part PVA glue with 1 part powder (baby powder is good) and 1 ½ parts white acrylic paint. Until it reached the thickest paste consistency I needed to embed the shapes, I kept adding first powder and then glue. Allow over 2 hours to set on top of a heater.


Picture 1

Draw round the base of your bell on stiff white card and cut out (see Picture 1), making sure when the bell is fitted together, the card doesn't buckle, so trim down as necessary.

Picture 2

Mix up your thick base paste (Picture 2) and lay quite a thick paste base on the oval card and whilst the paste is still wet, add a good sprinkling of glitter. Also glitter all shapes as you go.

Picture 3

Next, cut out your shapes twice. You will need to sandwich them together placing yellow card between the houses and church to indicate lit rooms and punch a small circle to sandwich between the large lamp post too. (Picture 3)

If you are going to make the hanging snowflakes instead of the scenes, cut out everything twice and glitter them before sandwiching the cord in between each snowflake. When hanging these inside the bell, put a little thin double-sided tape round the top of the bell and push the cord through the hole and press against the tape. It will hold the cord firmly in place when you close the bell. The two halves of the bell fit closely and neatly together. (Picture 4 and 5) Add little stars to the outside of the bell - I cut the stars from strips of Starform stickers.

To complete all three, cut 6 borders (Marianne Design Creatables Die - Christmas Stars LR0134) and thread (two borders for each bell) with your chosen colour of 5mm ribbon, weaving it in and out of the spaces in the die. Apply silicone glue around the base of each bell and wind your borders with the threaded ribbon around the base, tucking the ends of the ribbon behind the join to neaten off. Make a hanging cord out of the same ribbon for each bell.

I loved the simplicity of this project, which went together really well and they will look stunning when hung on the tree as the little scenes are visible all round.

Products Mentioned

  • Collall Kids Glue - 100ml
  • Collall Transparent 3D Silicone Glue - 50ml Kit
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint 59ml 2oz - Snow (Titanium) White DA01
  • Knorr Prandell Acrylic Box - Bell
  • Marianne Design Collectables Dies & Clear Stamp - Mini Christmas Village COL1329
  • Marianne Design Creatables Die - Christmas Stars Border LR0134
  • Marianne Design Creatables Die - Norwegian Ice Star - LR0124
  • Marianne Design Cutting Dies - Christmas Village Decoration Set COL1330
  • Starform Transparent Glitter Stickers - Gold/Silver BorderStars #7057

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