Rolled Paper Angel Earrings Tutorial

by Lorraine Widdison

Rolled Paper Angel Earrings Tutorial

Step 1

Using a sheet of paper from the Paper Bloc cut 2 triangles (as shown). One end should be 2 cm.

Step 2

Starting with the widest end of the paper and roll onto a bamboo skewer. Wind up keeping the straight edge parallel.

Step 3

Before you reach the end add some glue to the tail and then finish winding.

Step 4

Repeat for the second cone bead.

Step 5

Coat the 2 cone beads with Varnish Glue and allow to dry. Repeat.

Step 6

Thread the earring parts onto the head pin as follows – spacer, paper bead, wings (your choice), pearl (which I coloured with a Copic Marker), bead cap, spacer.

Step 7

Bend the remaining bit of the Head pin with round nose pliers.

Step 8

Attach the Kidney clasp.

Products Mentioned

  • Collall VernisColle 1 Decoupage Glue - 50ml
  • Copic Ciao Marker Pen - E95 Flesh Pink
  • H&CF 11mm Bead Caps - 8pcs #5307
  • Hobby & Crafting Fun 8mm Glass Pearls - 50pcs Beige #0802
  • Hobby & Crafting Fun 9mm Metal Spacer Beads - 16pcs #9702
  • Hobby & Crafting Fun Earrings - 35mm Kidney #2417
  • Hobby & Crafting Fun Metal Charms - Wings & Cage #4802
  • Hobby & Crafting Fun Metal Head Pins 100pcs - 45mm Platinum
  • Marianne Design A5 Paper Bloc - Vintage Christmas PK9097

Lorraine Widdison

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