Mini Album Stocking Filler Tutorial

by Carol Findon

Mini Album Stocking Filler Tutorial

Little Stocking Filler could mean anything and for this month's project (as I seem to do quite frequently) I opted for a masculine theme, but what could I do? I thought 'mini-album' for a man, and as I had never made one before, I decided to try out a 'toilet roll' album which once you have the construction, you can go on to do a lot of things with it but it is all about technique, which I will explain as I go. I had recently ordered lots of Studio Light Industrial ephemera and backing papers (which are all double-sided and which are superb) and the Mini Book has so many fab images in it that I was very excited when everything arrived.

Craft tips you may find useful:

  1. Iron your empty toilet rolls - that way they really do lay flat!

  2. You don't have to buy expensive tags. Cut your own from Kraft cardstock and make your reinforcing rings from a small circle punch, and once stuck on the tag, punch a smaller hole from the middle and repeat on the reverse of the tag so that you have reinforcing rings on both sides (see Picture 2).

  3. You can make your own strips of double-sided foam by using funky foam and double-sided tape. Just put one strip of double-sided tape on the front and the back of the foam and cut your strips as wide or as narrow as you like. This method is great if you want to do shaker cards as it seals tightly against each other and leaves no gaps - don't be tempted to put tape over all the foam as it is difficult to cut - just put one strip front and back and then cut.

  4. After cutting all the images from the sheets, make sure you edge every image with distress inks (I used black soot and vintage photo on nearly every surface, including all the edges of the toilet rolls and the tags.

  5. If you are raising the images using the double-sided foam tapes above, make sure you distress the edges on those as well so that they don't show white underneath. You could, of course, use a dark foam when making your strips as this would save time.


Iron your 4 toilet rolls (use them from the same pack so that they are the same size) to flatten them (Picture 1). Next cut your tags (mine measure 11.5cm x 7cm) and trim tops making reinforcing rings as described in Item 2 above.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Next measure the toilet roll and cut five hinges (see Picture 3) mine were 7.5cm length x 4cm width and score at 1.5cm and 2.5cm (you will have 1cm in the centre). You will need five of these because there will be one flap at each end for the cover (see Picture 4). Attach each hinge using strong craft glue making sure they are evenly placed. If you have measured correctly, they will slide into the end of the roll. Trim to fit if they are a little tight. Cut four cover pieces of your chosen cardstock making the inside covers slightly smaller. Because you are inserting tags into the open end of the roll, you will need to cut your covers to conceal the tag. Mine measured 13cm x 7.5cm. Attach to end flaps.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

If you are making flaps (as I did) you will need to decorate as you go. I made four flaps and attached the magnets as shown (Picture 7, 8 and 9). Two flaps open outwards and one opens up and one down but they are of similar design.

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Decorate all areas and don't forget to distress everything as you go. Cover the front and back with your chosen papers and cut a piece for the hinge, tearing the edges and distressing with Black Soot. I reinforced the inside of this piece with another strip of Kraft card and then I stuck it over the edges to give the hinge piece strength. I found a piece of lined journal paper in my stash for the backs and I cut the pictures from Studio Lights sheets for the front. (Pictures 10 & 11)

Picture 11

Picture 11

The fun part is decorating each page, with the cut-outs from the sheets of Studio Light Industrial Ephemera!

Products Mentioned

  • Hobby & Crafting Fun Magnets Extra Strong - 8 pcs
  • Knorr Prandell All-Purpose Craft Glue #306
  • Studio Light 3D Mini Book - Industrial #88
  • Studio Light A4 Backing Sheet - Industrial - #158
  • Studio Light A4 Backing Sheet - Industrial - #159
  • Studio Light A4 Backing Sheet - Industrial - #160
  • Studio Light A4 Backing Sheet - Industrial - #161
  • Studio Light A4 Cutting Sheet - Industrial - #1313
  • Studio Light A4 Cutting Sheet - Industrial - #1314
  • Studio Light A4 Cutting Sheet - Industrial - #1318
  • Studio Light A4 Die Cut - Decoupage Sheet - Industrial #387

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