Chipboard Fairies Nightlight

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Chipboard Fairies Nightlight

Alter a hinged picture frame into a magical nightlight adding depth and layers by working on the opposite sides of the frame face. Decorate with greyboard fairies and create shadow images that look delightful in both the day and night.

Remove the backplates and the glass from the frames. Paint the backs of the wooden frames with the snow white colour, let it dry and repeat.

Apply the inka gold gilding polish to the two fairies.

Cut a piece of the tracing paper by using the backplate of the frame as a guide. Draw grass like shapes using the marker pens.

Paint the mushroom shapes white and add colour to them with the markers. Colour some other greyboard shapes too. (If you paint them white first you will get a brighter colour).

Start gluing the fairy light to the back of the fairy that you will use inside the frame.

Carefully glue the greyboard fairy to the edges that attach to the frame inner hollow side (the front - coloured side faces down). Place the rest of the fairy lights around the frame (where the backplate sets). Set the backplate of the frame (only the one).

Turn and open the wooden frame and attach the tracing paper. Place some glue (or a dab of hot glue) and fold the two sides.

Add the rest of the greyboard shapes to the frame, making use of the two levels now available. Make sure to hide the metal hinge clips (that in normal use would hold the backplate) with greyboard shapes, giving you a spot to create more dimension.

Add extra colour with pen brushstrokes by drawing flowers and greens on the frame.

Products Mentioned

  • Buddly Crafts 2mm Greyboard Push-Out Shapes - Fairies 33pcs
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint 59ml 2oz - Snow (Titanium) White DA01
  • Knorr Prandell Bare Wood Picture Frame - Double Hinged #711
  • Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Watercolour Pen - Bright Yellow 052
  • Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Watercolour Pen - Emerald Green 048
  • Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Watercolour Pen - Pink 025
  • Seawhite 90gsm Tracing Paper Pad 30 Sheets - A4 210mm x 297mm
  • Stafil Mini LED Fairy Lights - 2.2m 20 Lights
  • Stick It! Hot Melt Glue Gun - UK Plug STI 2000
  • Stick It! Hot Melt Glue Sticks - 12pcs Clear STI 2001
  • Tsukineko Memento Dual Tip Marker Pen - Bamboo Leaves
  • Viva Decor Inka Gold Gilding Polish 62.5g - 923 Magenta
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Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Hi! My name is Kyriakos and I live in Greece. I enjoy learning new techniques and mixing various materials in my projects. My favourite materials are metallic foils, charms and wires which you can see in the photos on my website.