Make Your Own Recipe Book

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Make Your Own Recipe Book

Learn how to make a little recipe book for your favorite family recipes - it makes a really useful gift for students leaving home, newlyweds and friends who love your bakes and want to cook their own.

After downloading the files, if you are familiar with Word or working with a design software program you can mix and match the images digitally, like the cover, and print in a single page. For this book you will need to print the following:

  • The 3" x 5" blank recipe card x 5 times. If you can attach two images then print as the photo above. You can alter the blank cards with measurement equivalents or you can write any helpful information that you prefer to keep handy.
  • 3 background pages.
  • The designs that you will use for the cover (the checkered one here), if not edit them digitally in a single image.

Cut 2 pieces of greyboard 9cm x16.5 cm. Cut A4 pages into 9cm x 15cm pieces that will be used as pages. For this project I used the divider bar included in the graphics files as a border on a blank page about 1cm from the bottom of the long side and then cut the smaller pages (3 per A4). This recipe book has 30 pages. You can of course set your own number of pages.

Cut about 20cm elastic lace. Glue one side of the lace onto the board (will be used as the back side of the book) about 2cm from the edge. Place the bookboard on the back side of the A4 printed background page and mark with a pencil where you should cut in order to pass the lace through.

Cut on the pencil marks and pass the lace through this hole and again on the opposite side. Turn back the bookboard and glue the edge of the lace onto it. The lace should not be tight on the external side. Continue by gluing the papers on the front and back covers, on both sides.

When you print two of the blank cards, allow some space on one of the long sides to create a flap. If you print the blank cards as the one in the 1st photo (2 cards side by side) then fold in half and glue to have now both sides printed. If you print separately the blank cards, then one to the back side of the other, both with printed sides visible.

Now take these cards and glue their flaps onto the back of the blank centre piece. Fold and create a triptych.

Glue the central blank card of the triptych onto the lower edge of the inside back cover.

Punch holes on the covers and on the blank pages. Use rings to bind the book.

The measurement equivalents pages you created can fold open at the sides of your recipe and help you find the helpful information quickly.

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Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Hi! My name is Kyriakos and I live in Greece. I enjoy learning new techniques and mixing various materials in my projects. My favourite materials are metallic foils, charms and wires which you can see in the photos on my website.