How to use Inka Gold

by Kim MacFarlane

How to use Inka Gold

Viva Decor Inka Gold is a water based, rub-on metallic wax paste which is available in a rainbow of elegant colours.

Inka Gold, Inka Primer and Inka Varnish

Inka Gold is easy to apply, quick drying and gives an elegant gilded shine to absorbent surfaces such as untreated wood, paper, cardboard and unglazed pottery. When applied and buffed to a shine it is smudge proof.

Inka Gold applied to dried poppy heads

How to apply Inka Gold

Apply Inka Gold wax paste thinly with a dry sponge, damp brush (for intricate detailed areas), soft cloth or a finger, in a circular motion.

As the colour is applied, polish it with a soft dry cloth to intensify the shine.

Build up the colour intensity or introduce blends of colour by applying more layers of paste.

To avoid contaminating colours and to secure the storage life of the wax paste remove the amount of paste as needed from the jar with a clean pallet-knife or wooden stick.

Clean up with soap and water.

How to mix your own colours

Mix your own colours by removing the paste from the jars and creaming together in a separate clean jar or container. When mixing colours add dark colours to light colours to make tones and light colours to dark colours to make tints.

How to revive old jars of Inka Gold

To revive old Inka Gold that may have dried up in the jar, add a few drops of water, replace the lid, shake and leave overnight. Stir the paste and drain off any surplus water.

How to protect decorated works

To weatherproof and/or protect finished pieces that are expected to be handled regularly, seal the work with Inka Gold Clear Varnish.

How to apply to non-absorbent surfaces

Decorate non-absorbent acrylic or plastic surfaces with Inka Gold by priming the surface with Inka Gold Universal Primer. The primer is available in three different colours. Choose the primer colour that is best suited to the coloured paste that you wish to apply.

For light or gold colours we recommend that you prime with Viva Decor Universal Primer Gold Ochre.

For silver and blue colours we recommend that you prime with Viva Decor Universal Primer Smokey Blue.

For all dark colours we recommend that you prime with Viva Decor Universal Grund Black.

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