Make A Notebook Cover with Kraft-Tex

by Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Make A Notebook Cover with Kraft-Tex

Kraft-Tex Paper Fabric is a unique, rugged paper that looks and feels like leather but sews, cuts and washes just like fabric. It's ideal for making removable book covers and can be used on a diary, notebook or agenda.

Cut the kraft-tex paper fabric according to the size of the notebook or diary you will place in. The best way is to wrap a large piece of the paper and mark extra 3cm length on both left and right sides, and 2cm extra length on top and bottom sides.

For this project a total of 30cm x 18cm paper is used. A 12cm x 8.5cm piece for the front card and a 17cm x 4cm for the binding.

Spray well with water the kraft-text paper fabric on both sides. Crumble the paper. Straighten it and let it dry or use a heat gun to speed up the process.

Score the paper, 3cm on left and right (creating book flaps), 1cm wide in the center and 0.5cm on top and bottom.

Sponge daubing very lightly with the rich cocoa ink first and then more intensive with the rhubarb ink. For the card and binding paper cuttings use the rhubarb ink only.

Stamp and emboss the button stamp on the cover and the mannequin stamp on the card.

Fold and glue the top and bottom sides at the 0.5cm scoring marks. Fold the left and right flaps now and glue ONLY to the top and bottom (0.5cm folded sides).

Place the front card on the cover and with an art knife cut 0.5cm openings on both papers. Sew the 3mm ribbon through the papers.

Do the same on the top side and through the top button holes, leaving some ribbon to tie the heart charm.

Do NOT glue the card at this point.

Half fold at the long side the 17x4cm piece and then cut a 3cm long piece from it, which will be used at the front side of the cover. Now, glue the long remaining piece to the back of the cover.

Place snap fasteners on both pieces.

Glue the 3cm long piece to the front of the cover and partially under the card. Then, glue the card on the cover.

Finally, cut the printed ribbon, lightly inked it with the rich cocoa ink and glue it on the front. Before the glue gets dry place a couple of pins. The needle here is created by folding a piece of the wire and passing through some ribbon.

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Kyriakos Pachadiroglou

Hi! My name is Kyriakos and I live in Greece. I enjoy learning new techniques and mixing various materials in my projects. My favourite materials are metallic foils, charms and wires which you can see in the photos on my website.