Acrylic Painting on Jute Tutorial

by Gill Hobbs

Acrylic Painting on Jute Tutorial

Painting on hessian or jute is not easy. It is possible to achieve an opaque finish with lots of layers of paint and a lorry load of human patience.

When you add Thickening Medium to the paint it will sit on the surface and fill up the holes. It also makes homemade 3D writers, perfect for colour co-ordination for any project.

I use Applicator bottles or icing bottles to mix the paint and medium. Mixing ratio is 1 : 1.

Mix 4 bottles – 1 x Champagne Gold, 1 x Butter, 1 x Golden Straw, 1 x French Vanilla. Leave approx half of the bottle empty to give the mixture room to move and mix when shaking them.

I squeeze 1cm of paint into the bottom of an applicator bottle, then squeeze in 2 cm of thickening medium, bang the bottle lightly on the table to level the mix and then 1 cm of paint on top. I place a piece of cling film over the top of the bottle before screwing the lid back on and give it all a really good shake to thoroughly mix the two together, remove the cling film and the mix is ready to use.

It is also a good idea to label each bottle with colour name.

Splashes of champagne from a newly opened bottle – how to create and where to start? A Google search for copyright free images usually is enough to help the inspirations to form. A few clipart images caught my eye and each one was basically made up with what Decorative Painters call “Comma Strokes”.

I’ve freehanded my version and played with various designs and colours. This is my finished design complete with labelled colours used.

To protect the inside of the bag, cut a piece of cardboard to fit, wrap cling film around it and slide it into the bag against the side that will be embellished, the bottle partitions will fold back against the other side of the bag - and it can be used as a normal shopping bag, pretty neat idea. I use my bottle bags for carrying other grocery items too, excellent for cans and various bottles.

Trace the line drawing and transfer onto card and cut out the splashes and use like a stencil. Place the stencil on the bag, fill in the shapes with chalk and then pencil in the edges of each one.

Colour placement – follow the line drawing.

Practise on spare card to get the “feel” on how to use the bottles – it is a gentle squeeze.

Start with the middle sections and work outwards with the appropriate bottles of thickened paint. Outlining is the easiest method and then fill in the remainder, squeeze the bottles gently, cover the pencil lines, if it comes out too quick move the mixture around with the bottle nozzle and wipe off any excess before putting the little lid back on. Keep fingers clean throughout, smudged paint is permanent.

Leave flat to air-dry overnight.

Sew on the ribbon stars through the bag as shown a few stitches on each star point with cream thread.

Fill with your favourite tipple or a mixture of wine, lemonade and fruit juice for a party punch. Or snacks, chocolate and soft drinks for children and drivers.

Products Mentioned

  • 38mm Ribbon Star with Pearls - 5pcs - Gold
  • A4 Tracing Paper - 10 pcs
  • cArt-Us A4 Textured Card 10pcs - Champagne #004
  • Coats Moon Spun Polyester Sewing Thread 1000yds - Cream M070
  • Collall Needle Tip Applicator Bottle - 100ml
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint 59ml 2oz - Butter DA258
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint 59ml 2oz - French Vanilla DA184
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint 59ml 2oz - Golden Straw DA168
  • DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint 59ml (2oz) - Champagne Gold DA202
  • DecoArt Medium - Thickening
  • Natural Jute Bottle Tote Bag - 6 Bottle
  • Pony Hand Sewing Needles - Milliners Straw 5/10
  • Reuser 11cm Straight 3D Decoupage Scissors - Soft Grip #511
  • Waco 52cm x 41cm Design Transfer Paper - Blue

Gill Hobbs

Hi Everyone, I’m Gill Hobbs, a Decorative Painter & Teacher from North Cornwall. Visit my Blog and YouTube Channel to see more of what can be achieved with brushes and paint.