Angel Policy

Buddly Crafts graphic products are exclusively and non-exclusively available here at Buddly Crafts. Purchasing, downloading and using both exclusive and non-exclusive digi products, including the available free products indicates your acceptance to abide by the terms of this non-transferable SINGLE USER LICENSE.

All graphic designs, characters, copyrights, trademarks and distribution rights remain the sole property of the artist.

Buddly Crafts graphic art products are licensed for individual personal use only. They may be used to enhance your handcrafted, home printed, non-digital products. Completed non-digital, non-commercially produced items that you have personally handmade using these products may be offered for sale directly to the consumer - up to 200 items of any one design per year. A photo of your finished project bearing the graphic images may be used on any promotional media however stand alone graphic images may not. Credit for the artwork used should be written '© name of artist' and appear clearly and discretely on the product or its packaging and also at your point of sale. Clarification - A completed item is an item which can be used without the need for any extra work, e.g. a greeting card is a finished item whereas a greeting card kit, printed or stamped sheet of image/s or packets of die cut shape/s are not.

You may not offer the Buddly Crafts graphic designs and products as a craft/design product or a print/for hire service in any form, this includes but is not limited to; clay pieces, decoupage sheets, die cut pieces, dies, digitised embroidery files, dolls, downloadables, kits, logos, machine cut pieces, moulds, layouts, pages, paper pieces, patterns, printables, templates, tubes, stencils, stickers, rubber stamps or wood pieces.

You may not apply the images to sig tags, e-stationery, auction templates or websites however the pre-made Free Animations, Sig Tags, Avatars and Incredimail Letters are especially created for internet use and these may be used.

All distribution rights remain the sole property of the artist. You may not redistribute the graphic products either in part or full or make them available for download or copy, give, lend, share or resell them in any form whatsoever. You may make a backup copy of the digital graphics you have purchased for your own personal security.

The integrity right of the artist is to be upheld. The graphic designs may not be re-drawn. You may detail a section of a work and use the selected portion on your project. You may re-colour the images but you may not claim any work as your own.

The moral right of the artist is to be upheld. You may not apply these graphic designs to any products that may be considered adult, obscene or offensive.

Exceptions - This license does not allow for mass production. An exception has been made for Candy Bar Wrapping. There is no quantity restriction for the use of the downloadable graphics applied to Candy Bar Wrappers providing that you design your wrappers, home print, hand cut, wrap and then sell the candies directly to the consumer yourself.


Buddly Crafts Crafts and their artists and designers do not endorse products that use their graphic images or products and will not be held liable for any damages or lawsuits that might arise from any activities which in any way relate to products bearing their works and/or using their templates, or any computing devices that their works have been used on.

This limited license is not a license to use the Buddly Crafts registered trademark. The Buddly Crafts registered trademark and logos may not be used in any manner that states, infers or implies an affiliation with Buddly Crafts. Likewise, the artists registered trademarks and logos may not be used in any manner that states, infers or implies an affiliation with them.

Extended, For Hire and Commercial licenses are NOT available and any use of the images beyond this Single User License is unauthorised and in breach of UK and International Copyright Laws.

Thank You for your respect towards artists and designers. It is important that you understand the terms of use. If you are unsure whether the products at Buddly Crafts are legally appropriate for your intended use please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Keep Creating and have fun using the images on your handmade projects.

26th June 2006 E&OE
Revised 20th September 2008 to include rubber stamps, die cuts and trademark.
Revised 8th January 2011 to clarify rights on all artists at Buddly Crafts Crafts.
Renamed 26th May 2018 from Terms of Use to Angel Policy.